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How Can We Help You?

We offer extensive support to all of our students at T&L Welding Academy so that you can get the help you need. We have provided a centralized help space for students to learn the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions and gain access to quick guide videos covering the MyT&L student portal.

We look forward to welcoming and supporting you as a T&L Welding Academy Student.



How to enroll?

Navigate to Enroll on the navigation bar and complete the inquiry form.

Does T and L Academy offer online courses?


Do I have to be a graduate to enroll?

YES, unless you're a high school student enrolled in our Welding program as an elective course.


Does T and L Welding Academy accept Financial Aid?

No, however, we offer payment arrangements. Funding options through the (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act).

Do I have to register for a class?

Registration is required prior to enrollment.

When are registration fees due?

Registration fees should be received prior to the program's start.  Students will not be accepted if the registration fee has not been validated. 


What is MyT&L? 

MyT&L is a centralized space supported via Populi where students will have their own student profile where they can communicate, register for classes, and access program details on many mobile platforms. 

MyT&L/Populi Student Videos

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