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Welding Fundamentals Program:

This course will offer individuals the opportunity to learn different crafts made from steel as well as
different metals. Individuals will learn proper welding safety, set-up, and PPE.

Program Description

Welding Fundamentals: our welding fundamentals class will consist of 3, 4- hour sessions, this will be a fun start to basic welding with MIG welding for crafts, artwork, and fun around-the-house projects. The Welding Fundamentals class will consist of a very brief overview of basic welding set-up, PPE training, and fun activities. No prerequisites required.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the Welding Program, students will:

  • Students will learn basic MIG setup/welding shop safety and procedures,

  • Students will develop the skills needed to MIG weld and use proper gasses.

  • Students will learn oxy-fuel torch cutting

  • Students will learn plasma arc cutting

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