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Help T&L Academy students with the necessary tools to take on the world of welding.

T and L Welding Academy provides quality training in Welding to individuals seeking a rewarding career in Kansas City, Missouri and the surrounding areas.  By donating to T and L Welding Academy, your generosity will assist in providing the necessary equipment and tools needed to help students follow the program path from our Fast Track (Basics of Welding) Program to our Advanced Combination Welding Program.   Donations of all sizes are welcome. We thank you in advance for your support.

The classroom includes:

  • tables

  • chairs

  • a whiteboard

  • an overhead projector

  • computer

The lab includes:

  • Oxyfuel torches

  • ban saw

  • plasma cutter

  • grinding wheels

  • grinders

  • layout tables

  • tape measures

  • welding booths

  • welding machines

  • welding rods

  • welding wire

  • metal

  • metal racks

  • scrap bins

  • metal supplies

  • (hammers, strikers, torch tips, drill)

  • air nozzles

  • air hose

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